Drake’s Birthday Party DJ Started Playing A Pusha T Song Before Someone Cut Him Off

On Thursday night, Drake celebrated his 33rd birthday in style. The rapper threw a party, and for the most part, the evening went smoothly… until the DJ started playing a Pusha T song. Drake and Pusha T of course have a longstanding history of beef, so it made sense when one of his party attendees promptly ran up to the DJ booth and asked him to change the song.

Not only have Drake and Pusha T written diss tracks about one another, but they have shown off how petty they can be. About a year ago, Drake even sent an invoice of $100,000 to Pusha’s record label for “promotional assistance and career reviving.” The two have yet to make amends, so when Drake’s birthday DJ started spinning Pusha’s verse on “Don’t Like,” an attendee quickly rushed to the rescue. It’s not clear if the DJ was intentionally stirring the pot or genuinely in the dark about the rapper’s disdain for one another. Either way, he only got a few seconds of the song in. Watch the footage below.

Drake was appreciative of all those who came out to his party, even with the DJ’s hiccup. The rapper took to Instagram to say a heartfelt “thank you” everyone who showed him love on his big day. “I’ve spent many nights over the last 4 or 5 years feeling like people did not like me or resented me for things beyond my control,” he wrote. “Today I woke up and looked at my phone and realized how much positive energy and how many unbreakable bonds I have in my life from incredible people… Thank you for a truly uplifting day. Love you all forever.”