Drake Wasn’t Content To Post Just One Instagram Pic With The Elusive Sade


Obviously, anyone with even the slightest interest in R&B has major respect for one of the genre’s most legendary figures, Sade. So Drake, current poster boy for in-your-feelings sex-jams is a fan, especially given his past interest in hopping on the Aaliyah train, and riding waves in general, it makes sense that he’d be eager to align himself with a legend of this magnitude. It’s just a little surprising that he was able to actually do it. Because Sade is notoriously reclusive, and getting her on the ‘gram isn’t like, say, a J.Lo appearance. (No shade J.Lo, do you)

So when the above pic of Drake, his mom, and Sade first began to surface a couple days ago the internet was in shock. First of all, it’s worth noting that Drake didn’t only meet Sade, but introduced his mom to her — major son flex — and then equated Sade in the pic to the status of close maternal figure with this caption: “Two very important ladies in my life.”

But after a well-calculated respite of eight to ten posts in between the two photos, Drake came back last night with more proof that this wasn’t just a brief photo opp with Sade:

Note that he specifically added the location, Gipsy Hill in South London, as he’s still currently on tour in the midst of dropping More Life. Since that one is only a playlist, does this mean we’ll be hearing Sade on the next official Drake album? Honestly, at this point, all signs — and Sade’s content face — point to yes.