Drake Couldn’t Help But Laugh At His Dad’s Tattoo Of Him And Fans Joined In With Jokes

On one fateful day in September 2017, Dennis Graham, best known as Drake’s dad, sat down and had a tattoo artist put Drake’s face right on his bicep. That was nearly five years ago now but the ink is still on Drake’s mind: Yesterday, he dug up a photo of the portrait, shared it on Instagram, and wrote, “@therealdennisg I was just sitting here thinking why you do me like this we family [crying laughing emojis].” Graham responded in the comments, “Hahaha I had 16 people to try and straighten this out,they’re hurting me.”


The good news (for Dennis’ sake) is that he quickly got the tattoo re-done: In February 2018, Inal Bersekov took a crack at covering up the tattoo and the result came out a lot better than the original attempt at it.

Drake and Graham are not the only ones having a laugh at the tattoo in its original form, as Drake re-sharing it brought renewed attention to it and therefore fresh fan reactions.

Plenty of folks chimed in with who they think the ink really looks like, with picks including former NFL star Arian Foster, Handsome Squidward from SpongeBob, and MMA fighter Rampage Jackson.

Meanwhile, others are roasting (or empathizing with) the artist.

Check out some more reactions below.