Drake Was Extremely Amused By The Video Of XXXTentacion Getting Knocked Out

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While the internet was roasting XXXTentacion for getting laid out by a member of Rob Stone’s crew last night, Drake got his two cents in without saying a thing. The OVO boss was checking out the memes like all of us last night, and someone comment creepin’ apparently caught him liking a couple IG comments that were clownin’ XXX.

XXX has been on Drake’s bad side since the South Florida rapper started a tirade against him all because he thought Drizzy stole the catchy flow from his “Look At Me” hit on More Life’s “KMT.”

Even though Drake used the triplet-flow on 2015’s “Digital Dash,” XXXTentacion and his devoted fans have ignored that and dubbed him a culture vulture. XXX has called Drake out of his name, and even said “Drake mom kinda cute, she could get it” on Twitter.

All the while, he’s been howling at the moon as Drake has been too busy winning awards and breaking records to worry about a negative ball of energy like XXX. Drake said he didn’t listen to Jay Z’s beef advice on “Free Smoke,” but an ignore-him-and-let-the universe-handle-it strategy sure sounds like a Jay move.

The same drama-courting actions got XXX in conflict with Stone, and ultimately got him put on the ground. The poetic justice wasn’t lost upon Drake, who apparently isn’t shy about letting his feelings be known by Instagram comment proxy.