D.R.A.M. Morphs Into Warm And Fuzzy Puppet For His ‘Cute’ Video

With flowing all in the air today, it’s a perfect time for D.R.A.M. to release his new video for “Cute,” one of the standout tracks taken from his Big Baby D.R.A.M. album. For the clip, D.R.A.M. finds a smaller, puppet version of himself to help him charm not one, but two ladies with his little playerisitic ways. To be honest, it kind of sucks for D.R.A.M. from a certain perspective since Chance The Rapper also just included a muppet in his video for “Same Drugs” last week.

But, it’s cool since chances are neither guy knew what the other had planned and it’s not like D.R.A.M. and co. realistically could have went out and snagged the darn puppet at the last minute to throw together this well orchestrated clip. Then, too, this little guy’s intentions and actions are way more PG-17 since he’s canoodling with both women, copping feels under the table while on a date and such. About halfway through, when it seems like puppet D.R.A.M. is out of control, he comes across that one special girl, who happens to be of the stuffed variety just like him, and he cuts out all of his shenanigans for her sake. It’s the perfect, romantic ending to the whole tale.