D.R.A.M. And Erykah Badu Form A Close Connection On His New Track ‘WiFi’

I could be wrong but something tells me D.R.A.M.’s “WiFi” isn’t exactly about the same signal that you usually find yourself searching for in public so you can stream music without worrying about Verizon hitting you overage charges on the data plan. Sure, both he and Erykah Badu sound like they’re trying to make a connection, but it’s most likely doesn’t involve phones on a literal level.

Badu’s mystical ways never seem to age or get any less intense. While D.R.A.M. keeps it light and witty, Badu opts for coy but completely sexy. As the DMV singer asks in verse one, “Do you got wi-fi?,” the neo-soul queen answers in the affirmative and then some.

“Boy I got wi-fi
And my service is nice at that
And it comes at no price at that
Let me know where your iPhone at
To log on my wi-fi…
Do you like my feng shui in my living room?
How the carpet matches the pillows too?
And did you know I was feeling you?”

While all of this is going on between then, an electronic aphrodisiac is playing in the background, supplemented by their ad-libs and harmonies. And, oh, those harmonies. D.R.A.M. may not be classified as a R&B singer and lord knows Badu’s never been truly confined to a box. But the warm, playful sound of them singing together — while she floats, he coats his vocals around hers — will remind you of classic duets that made up the latter half of quiet storm broadcasts on local radio.

With cuffin’ season slowly creeping up, “WiFi” is one of those numbers that can hold a slot early in any playlist to help get a connection started. Stream it below and watch for the Big Baby D.R.A.M. LP when it releases at midnight.