Dua Lipa Said She Liked Kanye More Than Taylor, And Swifties Started Sending Her Death Threats

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The feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West is no joke. Just look at Swift’s most recent album and its loads of Kanye subtweets to see how fresh the wounds still are. It’s enough that even an unrelated artist like rising pop star Dua Lipa can get caught in the crossfire, without even intending to.

In an interview with Rolling Stone (via NME), Dua Lipa relayed the story of getting on the radar of Swifties after wearing a borrowed “Speak Now” t-shirt for a meet-and-greet in Germany, earning their favor on social media and even a comment from Swift herself that claimed to be “screeching with joy.” But things quickly went south when a 2016 interview with Dua Lipa was discovered in which she chose Kanye West over Swift in an either/or-style interview.

“I wasn’t thinking about their beef,” she said. “I was thinking about their music, and Taylor is amazing, but I’m such a hip-hop fan that I would probably choose Kanye over anyone.”

Well, Swifties were not too understanding about it, harassing her on social media, even sending her death threats. “They were sending me snake emojis for, like, three days straight,” she said. “They’re like, ‘I hope you die.’ I’m like, ‘Yo! I literally didn’t say anything.'”

The lesson here? If someone asks you publicly to choose between Kanye and Taylor, it might be best to keep your mouth shut, or be prepared for dire consequences.

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