DVSN Release Two New, Retro-R&B Tracks, ‘Miss Me?’ And ‘In Between’

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It’s been around two years since OVO’s throwback future R&B duo DVSN released their sophomore album, The Morning After, and it looks like they are ready to step into their next era. Today, they released two sultry new singles, “Miss Me?” and “In Between,” updating producer Nineteen85’s midnight soul sound with some new production influences and allowing singer Daniel Daley to explore new avenues for his vocal prowess to roam.

“Miss Me?” is a bit more upbeat and spare than their usual fare, featuring a more spare beat that ditches the ’90s soul samples for something a bit more akin to modern day trap. Daley sings a yearning admission to a long-gone lover, comparing his wistful craving to an addict relapsing.

Meanwhile, “In Between,” is more of a typical ballad for the duo, with a simple, slow guitar loop from Nineteen while Daniel goes full-on horny teenager, imploring a lover to remove the barriers “between us,” which sounds a lot like a romantic request to do the deed unprotected. A risky proposition, but of course, Daley’s silky vocal makes it sound a lot smoother than it might for the rest of us.

DVSN is fresh off their 2018 tour with Miguel and a breakout performance at Coachella 2019, so their profile has grown since their outstanding 2015 debut, Sept 5th, meaning the market is ripe for them to take over for “cuffing season” 2019.

DVSN is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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