Eddie Murphy Is Apparently A Reggae Performer Now. Here’s His First Video (Co-Starring Snoop Dogg/Lion).

09.10.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

Back in July Filmdrunk let us in on the fact that Eddie Murphy is back to pursuing a music career (“Party All The Time,” anyone?), this time in the reggae genre, with a Snoop Dogg/Lion collaboration titled “Red Light.” As was noted then, the song appears to be about New York’s controversial stop-and-frisk policies that the Daily Show so effectively blasted a few weeks back. Well now there’s a video!

On his upcoming album, 9, set for release in early 2014, Murphy shelves his trademark goofy laugh for a serious, socially minded hybrid of reggae, R&B and jazz. The music video of the album’s first single, Red Light, stars a young girl in a red tank top who walks out of a house after witnessing an argument. At the end of the video, she walks back into the house.

Now, because it’s so great, let’s remember Charlie Murphy’s wonderful tribute to Eddie and his seemingly limitless talents, “That’s My Brother.”

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