Watch El Dusty Create A Unique Blend Of Traditional Cumbia And Modern Dance Music

It takes a well-defined process to work your way through a collection that’s many thousands of records deep. And that goes double for El Dusty, who’s more than just a curious listener. The Corpus Christi producer and subject of our latest Uncharted was kind enough to walk us through the way that he finds sounds for his innovative mix of traditional cumbia sounds and EDM staples.

Dusty shows us how he goes from the skronky accordion tones of Andres Landero’s “Canto Negro” to something worthy of a large stage at Electric Daisy Carnival. And our latest Uncharted video shows the producer taking the resulting product from the studio to the stage and back again.

El Dusty’s interesting blend has garnered more than its fair share of fans. Texans who are steeped in la mezcla of German and Mexican traditions that created Tejano music are obviously primed for what Dusty’s genre-smashing tunes offer, but the producer has fans well outside of his home base. Dusty’s boosters are all over the world, up to and including the nominating committee of the Latin Grammys.

Take a look at how El Dusty creates those Grammy-worthy tracks up top and be sure to check out our deeper profile of how the DJ got his start.