El-P Is Thrilled That Run The Jewels Were Quoted In Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is ongoing, and there’s more of a hip-hop presence there than probably anybody expected. During recent proceedings, some rappers were quoted, including Run The Jewels. Naturally, El-P, who isn’t exactly a Trump supporter, was pretty proud of himself.

US House of Representatives delegate Stacey Plaskett spoke during the trial and at one point recited part of a line from Run The Jewels’ “Early”: “And yes there’s a they, any time a man say there’s not / Then you know that he lost the plot, what can I say? / Truth’s truth when denied or not.” Plaskett made a couple minor alterations — she actually said, “Truth is truth whether denied or not” — but it was enough for El-P to get excited about it.

Sharing a clip on Twitter yesterday, El-P wrote, “welp apparently i was quoted during the impeachment trial today and i can’t say i didn’t see it coming. ok i didn’t see it coming.” He also wrote on Instagram, “uh…apparently my verse from “early” was just quoted during the impeachment, making it part of the permanent historical record of senate testimony. i’ll just let that sit here for a minute.” Today, in response to an article about the quote, he added, “i’d like to thank high school for kicking me out, fear for inspiring my writing, weed for everything weed does and Nostradamus for predicting this moment probably.”

Meanwhile, Plaskett also quoted GZA during the trial, and he too was pretty happy about it.