People Are Making Hilarious Electoral Maps Based On Ludacris, Sufjan Stevens, And More

The final votes are being cast in the 2020 presidential election today, and whoever comes away with 270 electoral college votes will spend the next four years in the White House. This data is often usefully presented in electoral maps, which show what states have given electoral votes to which candidate. While those numbers aren’t rolling in just yet, sites like have maps based on projections. That site and others also have tools that allow users to create their own electoral maps, and in recent days, music fans have been having fun with those.

For example, somebody made an electoral map that shows how the election would shake out if Biden won all the states containing area codes where Ludacris claimed to have hoes in his classic song “Area Codes,” and Biden wins by a landslide. Meanwhile, the election would be much closer if Biden won every state that gets mentioned in a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, as another map indicates. Then there’s “The Sufjan,” which indicates a candidate would lose badly if they only got votes from states Sufjan Stevens has made albums about (Michigan and Illinois).

Ringo Starr came up with his own map, suggesting that he would get every single electoral vote. Don’t tell that to at least one Britney Spears fan, though, who thinks the pop star has this one in the bag.

Check out those maps and others above and below.