Ariana Grande Had Some Trouble Explaining That One Explicit Lyric In ‘Side To Side’ To Ellen

09.14.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

During Wednesday’s episode of Ellen, Ariana Grande had to field some awkward questions from the hostess, first and foremost, regarding her latest hit track “Side To Side.” Following her physically challenging performance (and thinly-veiled sexual innuendo) at the 2016 VMAs, where she and Nicki Minaj sang while riding stationery bikes, Ariana casually admitted to Ellen that the production was entirely inspired by Minaj’s “d*ck bicycle” reference.

Unfortunately for the Dangerous Woman star, Ellen looked somewhat flabbergasted and needed further explanation. “What does that mean?” she further prodded, unfamiliar with the concept.

Ariana remained at a loss for words, but Ellen kept going. “Is that like, a banana seat?” The hostess then changed the topic, which could have been a relief, but instead made the segment even more hilariously uncomfortable when she asked her guest about her relationship with rapper Mac Miller. The hostess reminded the audience that Grande had performed on the show three years ago and cornily quipped, “I asked you something about him, and you said ‘I’m his homie,’ and how he’s living in your homie.”

As flustered as she was, Ariana did end up confirming their relationship and admitted she was happy, although by the end of the segment, the pop star, who is normally completely at ease in the spotlight, looked like she just wanted a place to hide.

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