A Convincing Eminem Deepfake Savagely Disses Mark Zuckerberg On An Impressive New Song

Deepfake audio technology is becoming incredibly convincing, so much so that Jay-Z apparently took legal action against an AI-powered impersonation of him this year. Eminem is the latest rapper to receive the deepfake treatment, and in a new digitally fabricated song, he goes after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The video was created by YouTube channel Calamity AI in partnership with another YouTuber, 30HZ. Calamity AI explains the song, “An Eminem diss-track written by Artificial Intelligence. We inputted the title ‘Mark Zuckerberg Diss in the Style of Eminem’ and let the A.I. write the rest. From there, we sent the lyrics to 30HZ, who synthesized and created the vocals. The audio was not record by Eminem.”

Lyrically, the track is hit-or-miss. Some of the words actually make sense as slights towards Zuckerberg, like when the song begins, “Yo, I’m comin’ for the Zuck / The epical CEO who’s on a sack of fail / When he ain’t doing shrooms and having sex in VIP / He’s rage-querying his ex-employees that he got rid of.” It later continues, “All the people that helped you build that sh*thole of a site / Are shaking their heads in shame at what you’ve become / And they’re running from your dreams like you’re the devil. Shieldin’ their eyes from the tragedy you’ve become.”

Then there are the parts that aren’t quite as focused, like the lines that dwell on Zuckerberg’s hair: “You got those glossy eyes, and you’re all hairy, too / You’re so hairy, you’re getting hairier every day / I’m making a Photoshopped picture of you tomorrow / I’m gonna make you into a real big hairy steamboat.”

Check out the song above.