When It Rains, It Pours In Eminem And Ed Sheeran’s Gloomy ‘River’ Video

You gotta give Eminem credit. Even after mixed reviews of his Revival album – and an exodus of racists who didn’t like his Trump freestyle – the Detroit rhymer is still trying his best to please the fans. He could’ve mailed it in with his “River” video, but instead he offered a 7-minute clip which shows him and his girlfriend in therapy. The video follows up on the ambiguous teaser he offered over the weekend where he got “caught” on camera in a hotel room. Though some people thought the reclusive artist really got “exposed,” the scene was actually a prelude to today’s visual.

We see the same woman throughout the video, arguing with Eminem while he rhymes about a dysfunctional relationship. “’Shoulda knew to use protection before I bit into your forbidden fruit,” he rhymes over the melancholy production. Ed Sheeran is also in the video, and shows up singing in a rainy scene that visualizes the “falling like the rain, so let the river run” chorus. The rhymes are spliced with cut scenes where Eminem argues with his girl about a pregnancy that he thinks should’ve never happened. Luckily, this video doesn’t end up like “Stan,” with a couple at the bottom of the river. They seemed to resolve their issues, and Eminem finishes up the video by noting the song’s content “felt like something I needed to get off my chest.”