Enough Of That ‘Monster Mash’ Crap: Here Are Some Legitimately Great Halloween Songs

OK, first off: nothing will ever be as terrifying as those g-g-g-ghost dogs. They’re making Forest Whitaker proud. They’re also about 492 times more horrifying than “Monster Mash,” “The Purple People Eater,” “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes,” or anything of the other Halloween-themed songs you listened to when you were a kid. If you’re throwing a Halloween party, or even just want to listen to some All Hallows’ Eve-themed music, you can do a lot better than Captain Skeleton’s Sing-Along Spooktacular. Here are 10 legitimately great songs about Halloween (i.e., they all have Halloween in the title) that are much better, and much scarier, than “Martian Hop.”

“Ghostbusters” is always perfect, though.

“Halloween” by Mudhoney

In 1988, famed indie label Sub Pop released a split-single, with Sonic Youth covering Mudhoney’s “Touch Me, I’m Sick” and Mudhoney covering Sonic Youth’s “Halloween.” It was a brilliant idea, and both covers stand up to the originals. In fact, Mudhoney’s “Halloween” might even be better than Sonic Youth’s — it’s a little more sinister, lurking along like a zombie for four lengthy minutes, before all Hell breaks loose in the final third. A classic.

“Halloween Candy” by the Spinanes

Going simply off the sound of the song, “Halloween Candy,” from 1990s indie rock duo Rebecca Gates and Scott Plouf (now a member of Built to Spill), isn’t very spooky. It’s sparse, sure, and slightly haunting in its minimalism, but the real horror lies in the lyrics: