Erica Banks Scores Her First Billboard Hot 100 Hit With The Viral ‘Buss It’ Challenge

In a year that was sadly devoid of clubs, sweaty dancefloors, and a reason to get dressed to the nines for said activities, Erica Banks and the “Buss It” challenge currently going viral is giving girls everywhere a reason to drop it low in their finest outfit. Even if no one can safely leave their house for several more months, girls on Tik Tok are blowing up the song by starting off their videos posing in sweatpants or other preliminary stages of getting ready to a sample of Nelly’s “Hot In Herre”, then switching it up to twerk to the “Buss It” hook all glammed up.

The hilarious switch-up videos were popularized on Tik Tok, obviously, but have migrated over to Twitter and even caught the attention of some celebrities like Dani Leigh (though she didn’t do the dressing up edit) and Nelly has already given it his own stamp of approval. And the trend seems to be having a huge impact on Banks’ career — the young rapper posted to Instagram today that her song has officially hit the Billboard Hot 100, coming in at No. 100 for its debut entry.

Though the track came out last summer, the trend only just began to crop up in the early days of January 2021, so if this momentum continues, she just might have a No. 1 hit on her hands before you can say “buss it.” And if you haven’t hear the track yet, check out the video above.