ESPN’s Dick Vitale Is Super-Excited For Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’

06.18.13 2 Comments

dick vitale kanye

Oh, did you hear? Kanye West’s much-anticipated Yeezus is out today. Get excited. Or not, I guess. Personally, I’m kind of meh over it, as I am with most highly hyped things. They rarely live up to expectations, I find.

But hey, you know who is excited for Yeezus? Clownish ESPN college basketball analyst/fossil Dick Vitale, that’s who. Yes sir, ole Dickie V. is down with the Yeezus. He must think Kanye went to Duke or something. Or he’s desperately trying to appear “cool.” One of the two.

I will say this for Yeezus, though: any album that includes references to croissants — which I LOVE — gets a few bonus points right from the start. So there’s that!

kanye croissants gif

Oh, and speaking of Yeezus, we’ll have a full review of the album up soon.

(Via Matt T. GIF via Men and Style via Flubby)

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