A Clip Of ‘Complex’s New ‘Everyday Struggle’ Host Making Lewd Comments Has Surfaced


Star, the controversial replacement host for Joe Budden on Complex‘s popular webshow Everyday Struggle, hasn’t been the host for a full day and already his position has become precarious thanks to his rather lewd thoughts from an older interview regarding his new coworker Nadeska, who plays moderator for the often-heated discussions on Struggle.

Taken from his recent, New Year-themed episode of his Star In The Morning podcast, the clip features Star making some unseemly comments about Nadeska. “How about that little hot thing?” he asks, before launching into a “reckless” fantasy, adding, “I would love to jerk off on her leg… That’s a hot b*tch.” Star is well-known in New York radio circles for his inflammatory commentary, resulting in his removal from some of his hosting gigs and the suspension of his former show with fellow radio host Bucwild.

The clip has been up for at least as long as Joe Budden’s announcement that he would be taking his talents to Diddy’s Revolt TV, yet resurfaced today after only the first episode of Star’s stint as Everyday Struggle host, thanks to fans upset that Complex would extend an offer without doing proper research. In a climate that is heavily impacted by references to sexual misconduct in the workplace and several movements aimed at ending sexual harassment, such comments could not have surfaced at a worse time.

“No way Complex heard that audio of Star saying he wanted to Fap [sic] on Nadeska leg and still hired him,” wrote one perplexed user.

While Joe himself was no stranger to controversy, replacing one problematic host with another might not automatically result in a winning combination for Complex Media or their suddenly beleagured flagship show.