This Man Taps Into Your Nightmares Using FaceSwap To Recreate Every Part Of ‘We Are The World’

The nightmare realm is usually kept at bay, respectfully staying behind our closed eyelids. But every once in a while, usually aided by the unchecked advance of technology, the dark place manages to seep into the waking world. That’s the only possible explanation I can give for this guy using a FaceSwap app to sing “We Are The World” as every member of U.S.A. for Africa.

Rhett LeCompte used FaceSwap live to turn himself into a godless mashup of Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Michael McDonald and others. If that wasn’t enough to make you cringe, the video is vertical.

Check out the original for a palate cleanser. For those that need a refresher, “We Are The World” was a charity single made to benefit humanitarian causes in Africa and it did so, to the tune of $63 million raised. This FaceSwap remake benefits no one but therapists and the void (and presumably, Rhett LeCompte who claims that the original post has 1 million views on Facebook).

Face-swapping has been common nightmare fuel on the internet for quite some time, especially if it involves Nicolas Cage. Luckily for insomniacs who’d like a bit more company, FaceSwap Live is fully ready to take Cage to the next level. Check out this swap and sleep tight.