Fat Joe On Losing Weight: ‘I Always Loved Being Fat, Obviously. I’m Fat Joe.’

06.10.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

Finally coming around to the obvious, that God hates fat people, Fat Joe has dropped nearly 150 pounds. And in a PSA sort of video posted to YouTube that alternates between hilarious and inspirational, he says that he did so unwillingly, because he just LOVED being a big fat guy — but warns others than being Fatty McFatterson can KILL YOU.

I always loved being fat, obviously. I’m Fat Joe. If I could gain 1,000 pounds and be healthy, I would love to do that … The craziest thing is the biggest killer of people is food. It kills more people than AIDS or gun violence or war, anything you can name. Eveybody keep catching strokes and heart attacks, and what happened to me was, like seven of my friends passed last year from heart attacks, and they were all 32, 34 years old, 35. And I said you know, ‘I got kids, I can’t leave ’em like that.’ This world is too hard for me to leave my kids, without me supervising and being there for them. If Fat Joe, F-A-T J-O-E, fattest guy you know, could lose some weight, you could lose some too. Just cut back on the carbs and work out. Don’t go up in KFC, don’t go up in McDonalds, don’t go up in Burger King, don’t go up in none of that stuff … Big Pun died, he was twenty-somethin’, 27 or something. That’s a shame, he was a genius, he was a beautiful person. Lotta my friends, too. I hope I can encourage you, you can be like ‘Yo, Fat Joe did it, I could do it, too.’

And here’s the considerably slimmed down Fat Joe in the video…

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