Watch Some Some Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Father John Misty Recording ‘God’s Favorite Customer’


2018 has been quite an uncharacteristic year for Father John Misty. Though he released one of the best albums of his career to-date with God’s Favorite Customer, the normally loquacious singer-songwriter has stayed entirely mum in the media, granting no interviews to any outlets to talk about his most recent work, and generally refraining from sharing his thoughts, observations and opinions on social media as well. Today, he decided to give his fans just a small peek behind the curtain to see, at least, how his most recent album was recorded via a roughly four-minute long montage of footage taken in the studio while he was creating the album.

In his review of God’s Favorite Customer, Uproxx’s Steven Hyden touched on some of the reason’s behind Misty’s desire to recede from the spotlight for this album in particular, noting that, “It’s possible that Tillman is still a little burnt out just one year after Pure Comedy‘s wall-to-wall media campaign. But this brittle, ravaged, thoroughly heartbroken record makes a convincing counter-argument that Tillman simply can’t talk about these songs, because reliving the pain that God’s Favorite Customer contains, over and over again, would simply be too potent.”

You can watch the behind the scenes footage of the recording of God’s Favorite Customer in the video above.