Premiere: Faustina Masigat’s ‘Colored Glass’ Crystallizes The Moments That Push Us Onward

Lucky Bird Media

The songs Faustina Masigat writes aren’t of the flashy, formulaic kind. Instead, she traverses through life with an acute attentiveness, gathering simple, sweetly sincere fragments of her experiences along the way and turning them into captivating folk-pop numbers. You can hear this on “Colored Glass,” premiering today, which comes off of Masigat’s self-titled debut record, out April 6th via Mama Bird Recording Co.

You can practically hear Masigat smiling through the track as she sings hearteningly about regaining some semblance of genuine joy and peace. She makes note of the seemingly menial things happening around her – “White birds flying over blue water / And cousin Annie flying up the hill,” – consequently crystallizing them, as if she’s bent on saving them for a rainy day.

Here’s what Masigat had to say about the song:

“At different times in my life, I’ve really struggled with anxiety. My memories from those times seem muted and almost colorless. Anxiety is very dangerous in that it steals your joy and hides it away. “Colored Glass” is a snapshot of a very specific moment of relief I felt while on a trip through California. I was comforted by the idea of going home – and I’ve been, in many ways, clinging to the moment and trying to build on it since then.”

You can listen to “Colored Glass” below.