Final Track: 7 Must-Hear Songs of the Week

It’s impossible to cover each bit of new music that comes out during the week, so every Friday, we’ll be doing an end of the week music roundup. It’s called Final Track, and we’ll count off a few songs released during the week that are worth giving a listen to.

Today, we’ve got M.I.A. w/ Missy Elliott and Rye Rye, Yeasayer, Paul Weller, and more

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“Bad Girls (Remix)” by M.I.A., Missy Elliott, and Rye Rye

Rye Rye: awesome. M.I.A.: even more awesome. Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott: the awesomest. She hasn’t released an album since 2005’s The Cookbook, but she does appear on a banging remix of M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls,” from producer Switch, and it’s just as whacked-out and bizarre as you’d expect from this trio. I want to hang out with them all the time.

“Think About Me” by the New Pornographers

Best Coast, Lee Ranaldo Band, and the Kills, among others, all contributed songs to Just Tell Me That You Want Me, an all-covers tribute to the great Fleetwood Mac, due out August 14th. The New Pornographers are also on the album, with their sped-up take of the Tusk cut, “Think About Me.” Enjoy its playfulness.

“Birthday” by Paul Weller

A charming 70th birthday message, from one Paul to another.

“Accident Murderers” by Nas and Rick Ross

Oh man, you gotta love that organ. Nas has been on a roll lately (include joke about Rick Ross eating a buttered roll here), and I can’t wait for Life Is Good, his 10th album (!), to drop in July. More about this killer track over at the Smoking Section.

“I’ll Come Back 4 U” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Portland-based lo-fi fuzz-pop enthusiasts Unknown Mortal Orchestra put out “I’ll Be Back 4 U” as part of Adult Swim’s Singles Program, and if you like wooziness and reverb, you’ll love this song. Expect other Singles Program tracks from Wavves, Wye Oak, the Field, Death Grips, and more throughout the summer.

“Longevity” by Yeasayer

I’m conflicted here: I liked Yeasayer’s 2010 experimental breakthrough, Odd Blood, but I’m not feeling the second single, “Longevity,” from their upcoming album, Fragrant World. The trippiness, soft acid trip of old remains, but it’s almost too lightweight; it sounds like a sketch of a song, rather than the finished product.

What do you guys think?

“Crescendolls” by Daft Punk

It’s been brutually hot on the East Coast the last two days, and whenever the temperature rises above 95, I always feel listening to Daft Punk. The songs sound so sweaty. “Crescendolls” isn’t anything new, but it is a Must-Hear for the week from a Must-Have Album, Discovery, even if you’ve already listened to it 1,500 times. Make it 1,501.