Chris Kael Of Five Finger Death Punch Changed His Whole Lifestyle After The Paris Attacks

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Chris Kael, the bassist of the metal band Five Finger Death Punch, recently opened up on the Let There Be Talk podcast with Dean Delray about his thoughts on the Paris terrorist attacks. The massacre hit music in a direct way with a number of deaths occurring at an Eagles of Death Metal show. Kael said the entire massacre triggered a major change in the musician’s life and he is now proud to say that he’s achieved a month of sobriety. When asked to elaborate about why he suddenly quit drinking cold turkey, Kael explained his reasoning in detail:

“I’m recently sober. Actually, Paris … when the Paris thing happened, I cut everything off. I’ve been sober since then. Alcohol is one of those things where … I don’t really consider myself an alcoholic, but I do make some f*cking stupid decisions once the alcohol hits me.”

Although Kael doesn’t consider himself a prescription pill abuser in any form, he did admit that he was taking prescription pills the day of the incident — namely, Adderall. His drinking was not something his wife was happy with, and the bassist says the his binges were having an adverse effect on his workout schedule. In short, he wasn’t putting in the amount of work he normally would when he was sober, his trainer was aware of it, and he could smell the booze coming off his body. Still, Kael knows that he has a long way to go in his trek to continued sobriety:

“I feel like I’m just getting over that hump. There have been times, over the last year, probably, where I’ve tried to quit. Like I said, I’m at the point now where I finally feel like I’m kind of turning that corner, and I don’t really have the cravings too much anymore.”

Let’s hope Kael can stick with his sobriety plan, for he seems happy with the results.


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