Flyana Boss Brings Their Mega-Viral Hit ‘You Wish’ To The ‘UPROXX Sessions’ Graffiti Wall

I feel like I’ve written these words a lot over the past few months, but Flyana Boss is absolutely everywhere lately. They’ve run through the offices of Atlantic Records, Barclay Center, Complex, Google, and TikTok while performing their viral hit “You Wish.” So you know they had to stop by Uproxx Studios. While they didn’t do their traditional run through, they did jump in front of the famous graffiti wall for an UPROXX Sessions performance of “You Wish” that shows off their undeniable chemistry and charm.

The performance has a timely debut, too, as the dynamic duo just shared their new remix of “You Wish” featuring Atlanta it-girl Kaliii and the pioneer left-field rap queen, Missy Elliott. With brand-new verses from both Folayan and Bobbi, it’s worth checking out — make it a double feature with their UPROXX Sessions performance above.

In Uproxx’s recent interview with Flyana Boss, the quirky duo talked about their unique visual flair, which includes brightly colored hair, bleached eyebrows, and Folayan’s elf ears. “We just feel like we have a lot of quirks,” she said. “We don’t necessarily fit the archetype that’s being painted in mainstream media of what Black girls are or who Black girls are.” Bobbi echoed that sentiment, saying, “Blackness in general is not a monolith at all. We come in all different shapes and sizes just like any other group. But it does seem like sometimes, especially for Black women, it’s an even narrower viewpoint that you get. So we want to represent everything outside of that narrow box.”

Flyana Boss is a Warner Music artist. .