Watch The Foo Fighters Live Debut Of A Thunderous New Track Called ‘Sunday Rain’

Another day, another glimpse as to what Sgt. Pepper played by Motorhead sounds like. Foo Fighters premiered a new song from their upcoming album Concrete And Gold during a set at Lucavsala in Riga, Latvia. “Sunday Rain” is led by Taylor Hawkins, with a melody that sounds a bit like countrified “Stairway.”

The new track goes in a million different directions over the course of its nearly six-minute run-time. There’s the meat-and-potatoes stomp that drives the front half of the song, some chugging fills that might help to explain Dave Grohl conjuring up Lemmy’s ghost and a muzak-y and mellow breakdown in the song’s fourth minute. It closes with a minute of honest-to-goodness bar band shreddery and contains more than a few psychedelic flourishes. It should be a mess but somehow it all works. Maybe the universe just wants to be nice to Dave Grohl. Give it a listen up top.

“Sunday” is the third song we’ve heard from the Foos upcoming album, following the blues-y cut “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” and the all-ages asskicker “Run.”

Concrete And Gold is out on September 15, which should give us plenty of time to prepare for the fact this ranking of every Dave Grohl album might get all shook up.