Justin Bieber’s Ex-Neighbors Need To Undergo A Psych Exam In Order To Continue With Their Lawsuit

Justin Bieber Performs On NBC's "Today"
Getty Image / Noam Galai

Back in March, 2015 Justin Bieber’s former neighbors filed a lawsuit against the pop star for ‘offensive behavior’ that consisted of the Biebs throwing eggs and allegedly tossing anti-Semitic remarks at Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz. The “Sorry” singer apparently was just that and pled guilty to vandalism and paid the Schwartz family $80,900 in property damages. However, the family is still pursuing their lawsuit, which claims that living next to Justin Bieber damages a person emotionally. Saying a joke about his music would be much too easy. Anybody can say that listening to “Baby” on a loop can destroy one’s mental state, so that’s why a judge in Los Angeles on Wednesday ordered a lengthy psychological exam of Suzanne and Jeffrey Schwartz to see if living next to Bieber actually caused long-term emotional side effects.

Yahoo! News reported that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Holly J. Fujie demanded that both Suzanne and Jeffrey Schwartz take a 7 hour psychological exam. Lawyers for the Schwartz family are trying to get the extensive  psych evaluations off the table, but Fujie is not budging. Bieber lived in Calabasas next to the Schwartz’s from March, 2013 to January, 2014 when he would constantly throw wild parties, play loud music, and drive erratically, thinking he was auditioning for a role in Neighbors. Jeffrey Schwartz also accused Bieber and his entourage of spitting on him. It goes without saying, but Bieber has since left the neighborhood he allegedly terrorized.

(Via Yahoo!)