A Peek Inside Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Magazine

While Frank Ocean’s Blonde is now officially available to stream on Apple Music–along with the previously released visual album Endless–there’s another version of a new album floating around too. This one exists in, wait for it, the physical world! It comes inside the free copy of his Boys Don’t Cry magazine that fans who were lucky enough to get inside pop up shops today received.

Freelance writer and reporter Steven Horowitz was lucky enough to get inside the New York pop up shop and has shared quite a bit of information about the physical book via Twitter. (Tweets used with permission)

Here is the tracklist for the book version of the album, which is only twelve songs long:
01. “Pretty Sweet”
02. “Mitsubishi Sony”
03. “Ivy”
04. “Pink & White”
05. “Solo”
06. “Easy”
07. “Skyline To”
08. “Nights”
09. “White Ferrari”
10. “Seigfried”
11. “Godspeed”
12. “Futura Free”

Here is a copy of a poem included in the magazine entitled “Boyfriend” that Frank wrote:

And a massive collaborators list:

Here’s a bunch more photos from the magazine:

Some more photos of people sitting with the magazine:

Ocean also wrote a thank you note to fans that he posted on his Tumblr:
And shared an image on his Tumblr:
Fans were able to pick up a copy of the magazine for free if they got inside the pop up, but if you didn’t make it out tonight don’t worry. It seems very likely that it will also be on sale afterwards. For now keep yourself occupied reading all the writing credits on every track via Genius.