Freddie Gibbs Does Donuts On A Jet Ski In His And Madlib’s Crime-Fueled ‘Giannis’ Video

The violent but funny criminal narrative of Freddie Gibbs and Madlib’s past two albums continues in the video for “Giannis” from their latest project, Bandana. Once again picking up where they left off in 2014 with Piñata, the new video sees Freddie return to Miami for an unusual meetup with his ex-partner’s former plug.

Where most people would meet up in Target or a Cheesecake Factory, Freddie’s connect insists the two do business on the water, taking jet skis to the meeting location, where instead of doing business, the two argue and trade funny insults for a bit before returning to land to clear up their business arrangement. Gibbs argues he’s returning to his farm from the “Crime Pays” video with the “horses with the stripes,” as the plug refers to Freddie’s zebras.

Unfortunately, it turns out the mistakes of the past return to haunt the Gibbs character once again, as upon coming to an agreement, he’s immediately betrayed by his former friend, who leaves him for dead, floating facedown in the water as the video comes to an abrupt close. While this likely isn’t the end of our quick-witted but hotheaded protagonist, the video ends on enough of a cliffhanger to keep fans invested until the next video tells the next chapter of the story — or hey, just an idea, make it a musical movie. There’s plenty of story for it.