Freddie Gibbs Wants Men To Believe Women Who Make Sexual Assault Accusations, Even After Being Accused Himself

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Freddie Gibbs was accused and acquitted of rape charges in 2016, but urges men to support women in a new interview with reporter Van Lathan. Although he maintains his innocence in that case, he says that he understands that the majority of accusations of abuse against men are valid and that his own situation is a relative rarity.

“We a minority,” he says, referring to men who find themselves falsely accused of abuse. “That’s why I don’t downplay victims. I didn’t come out when that shit happened to me like, ‘oh, these b*tches lying.’ No n—-, that’s not the case. This is an individual situation. I can’t relate my situation to everybody else’s… Because some people would be like, ‘Look at him. He was freed.’ Like, nah, my n—-. Y’all n—-s really be doing some inappropriate shit.”

He also points out that inappropriate or abusive behavior doesn’t necessarily have to lead up to “rape or any intercourse,” explaining that there are other forms of abuse. “Just the way you handle a woman, you doing it in the wrong fashion. If you stalkin’ her, beatin’ on the door, harassing her, all of that sh*t. No means no, just let it go,” he said.

Freddie joins a growing cadre of men are speaking out on behalf of women which includes John Legend and Chance The Rapper, who have both spoken out against abusers in recent days.