French Montana And Drake Head To The Dominican Republic For Their ‘No Shopping’ Video Shoot

French Montana and Drake are on the loose in the Dominican Republic. In case you hadn’t heard, French’s sophomore LP MC4 drops on August 19, which is the perfect excuse for he and Drizzy to fly to the Dominican Republic and shoot a video for “No Shopping.”

The Spiff TV-directed video will be the album’s next single and the visuals are sure to make anyone who’s not in the DR insanely jealous. Here’s a snippet of the song.

A reminder of why I really need to start golfing as both Drake and French angle to be the next Tiger Woods.

40 gets in on the action while French reminds you to pre-order the album, because that’s what the kids do these days.

Not one darkskin brother in sight.

The requisite shot of showing off the private jet while mugging as hard as possible. This is on their way to the DR, which explains the hoodies.

Weeks ago, they were in the lab. Now they’re reaping the fruits of their labor. Look out for the video soon and be on the lookout for MC4 this August.

(Via Miss Info)