Watch Ex-Girlfriends Get Murderous Revenge In Future’s ‘Draco’ Video

It’s officially Future season. Following up his newest self-titled album, last night Future announced that yes, those rumors are true, and he will be releasing yet another new album called HNDRXX later this week. In the meantime, he still has plenty of material to work with right now, and after performing “Draco” on Fallon last night, he dropped the official video for the clip.

Like most Future videos, there’s lots of money, women and shots of him rapping outdoors in a secluded area, but the plot twist in this one is that the ladies involved are ex-girlfriends who are out for their own revenge. Before a grown woman is rocking two machine guns though, the video starts off back in childhood, with a young Future cleaning up on an arcade-style shooter game called — what else? — Draco.

From there, it jumps forward to the present day, when Future walks by and steals a girl from a nerdy-looking guy, presumably the same one from the arcade grown up, without even trying. Eventually, these women are part of Future’s crew and quite easily take out his enemies and rivals, who aren’t expecting this kind of behavior from a woman. Guess they underestimated, huh? Future knew better. Watch it above.