Future And Young Thug Promise ‘Super Slimey 2’ Is Coming Soon — And Includes Lil Baby And Gunna

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Although the trend of rappers hooking up to do joint albums has mostly resulted in underwhelming projects with diminishing returns, two of those projects bucked the trend in recent years by being both exciting and using their artists’ chemistry effectively: Future and Young Thug’s Super Slimey and Lil Baby and Gunna’s Drip Harder. Now, it appeears both duos figure since they work so well separately, they’d do even better as a quartet.

Of course, with Future and Young Thug being the higher-profile pairing (for now), it makes sense that the project would be a follow-up to Super Slimey. This morning, Thug’s YSL Records tweeted that Super Slimey 2 is “coming soon” — and that its roster would double with the addition of the duo’s spiritual successors, Lil Baby and Gunna. YSL’s Instagram also previewed the project with a video post from inside the studio showing Lil Baby and Gunna hard at work — Baby recording, Gunna smoking and showing off his drip.

Hopefully, the chemistry that propelled each of their previous projects holds up with all four on the same album because there’s always a risk of too many chefs spoiling the broth. However, with this crew, the philosophy is “more is better,” so it’s no surprise that they’re supersizing the group, giving the veteran Atlanta trap rappers a chance to pass the torch to their young successors — which just might pay off big for all four if it works.