G-Eazy And Blueface Show A Ton Of Love For The ‘West Coast’ On Their New Collaboration

There’s at least one thing G-Eazy and Blueface have in common: Both rappers hail from California. The two have a lot of love for their home, and now they’ve honored the West Coast on a new collaborative track, appropriately titled “West Coast.”

The chorus samples the 1996 Richie Rich single “Let’s Ride,” and it captures the mood of the song well: “Something about the West Coast / It makes me wanna ride / Shake it Westside / Throw ya hands up, let’s ride.” On the track, G-Eazy gets braggadocios, saying that his recent success means his family is set for a long time: “You can’t imagine the way that this cash feelin’ / Don’t know what’s harder, the first or the last million / My last album took care of my grandchildren / You try to win, cracked you head on the glass ceiling.”

Later on in the track, meanwhile, Blueface declares himself the “face of the West Coast” and insists the area is supreme, rapping, “Welcome to the West Coast, this the best coast / You can find the best hoes and the best dro.”

Both G-Eazy and Blueface were recently spotted filming a video with YG in front of a bunch of palm trees, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see “West Coast” receive the visual treatment sometime soon. Either that or they might have something else in the pipeline, which would also be exciting. In the meantime, listen to “West Coast” above