'Game Of Thrones' Theme Gets The Metal Treatment

I wasn’t going to share this video (after the jump) of Erick “Erock” Calderone shredding the Game of Thrones theme on his electric guitar but then I realized it would give me an excuse to use the “Peter Dinklage, Motivational Speaker” image and type the name “Erock” in the same post, so here we are.

Everything about the video itself is self-explanatory. In fact, I’m not even sure why it’s a video since it’s just Erock going to town on his axe in the most bland looking room that ever existed. But as far as metal versions of fantasy TV show themes go, I think the rendition is pretty solid. What we really need to do is hook Erock up with Cleveland’s Alternate Reality. Between their pageantry and his guitar they’d be unstoppable… at booking LARP events.