Gang Gang Dance Return With The Simple Serenity Of ‘Lotus’

04.10.18 1 year ago

After a seven-year absence, New York-based experimental trio Gang Gang Dance have returned with new single “Lotus.” You can hear the song above.

“Lotus” is a surprisingly straightforward song for the act, placidly serene in its repeating humid melody. The group’s predilection for irresistible rhythms takes a secondary role to the melody and Lizzi Bougatsos’ vocals. It’s a dynamic that draws on the group’s longstanding shoegaze influence.

The song is the first single from the band’s newest album Kazuashita, which is set to arrive later this summer.

Gang Gang Dance emerged in 2004 with debut album Revival of the Shittest a noisy, dub-influenced hypnotic excursion. Over the next seven years the group released four more albums, culminating in 2011’s Eye Contact, their first for 4AD.

In 2013 founding Gang member Brian DeGraw released an album under his bEEdEEgEE moniker, which vocalist Bougatsos guested on. That same year, in an interview with FACT magazine, DeGraw said that Gang Gang had been working on figuring out how to approach their new material:

Gang Gang has been blown apart for the past year due to several 2013 factors but we are just beginning to get back to it and to figure out how to approach the next record. All we know is that the writing approach is going to be extremely future or extremely past. We are either going to try to write in way that is completely unlike what we have done for our most recent record, or we are going to do a massive rewind and take it way back to the start and approach it with a completely improvised recklessness. Both are very appealing to us. Our next record could sound like Albert Ayler or it could sound like Madonna.


  1. “( infirma terrae )”
  2. “J-TREE”
  3. “Lotus”
  4. “( birth canal )”
  5. “Kazuashita”
  6. “Young Boy (Marika In Amerika)”
  7. “Snake Dub”
  8. “Too Much, Too Soon”
  9. “( novae terrae )”
  10. “Salve On The Sorrow”

Kazuashita is out 6/22 via 4AD. You can pre-order it here.

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