Gang Of Youths Make Their US Late Night Debut On ‘Seth Meyers’ With ‘What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out’

03.13.18 9 months ago

For a few years now, Gang Of Youths have been one of Australia’s secrets best kept from the rest of the world: Their debut album, The Positions, peaked at No. 5 the country’s charts in 2015, and their sophomore effort, last year’s Go Farther In Lightness, went No. 1. Now they’re ready to make more of a name for themselves in the US, with a string of upcoming shows in North America that begins with appearances at South By Southwest.

Before that, though, the band reached a significant milestone: They made their US late night TV debut on Late Night With Seth Meyers, performing an exciting rendition of “What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out,” a highlight from Go Farther In Lightness. The song is a rousing pick to introduce the band to an American audience, with its quick burst of unbridled guitar riff fury in the beginning preceded by more dynamic atmospherics, overall some fine foreshadowing of the intense swells the roller coaster ride of a song goes through.

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