Gene Simmons Fell Backward And Probably Broke His Butt During A KISS Concert

In a classic episode of The Simpsons, an aging Homer Simpson notes that he used to rock and roll all night and party ev-er-y day, then it became every other day… only to realize his age has caught up with him and he barely has any time to party anymore. One might expect that, at the age of 66, Gene Simmons himself can probably relate to that sentiment, especially considering what happened this weekend when he fell on stage while performing that very song.

It was the final performance of the night at KISS’ show in Bozeman, Montana this past Saturday, and as you can see in the clip above, Simmons appears to just lose balance. He’s moving backward, and then, boom, down he goes. Simmons was quickly helped up by security, and did not appear to have suffered any serious injuries, other than a bruised ego. For the fans in the crowd, it might have been briefly disconcerting, but thankfully it’s nothing more than a senior moment from a guy who is still trying his damnedest to bring the thunder as thoroughly as he did four decades ago.

With that said, those who remember some remarks Simmons made earlier this year might not have felt too sorry for him. When Prince died from an overdose on opioids back in April, Simmons referred to it as “pathetic,” and was subsequently forced to apologize. One can only hope that Simmons’ tangle with gravity has taught him a bit about humility.

(Via NME)