Members Of Mastodon, Alice In Chains, And The Mars Volta Have Formed A New Supergroup

Supergroups. Sometimes you get a Traveling Wilburys or a Wild Flag. Usually, you get something like Chickenfoot, or more likely a band you don’t even remember existing. However, there is a new supergroup on the on the horizon that is, at the very least, worth noting, especially if you like your music heavy.

The group is called Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, but wait a moment before giving up on them and listen to who the members of the band are. We’re talking Alice in Chains singer William DuVall, Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds, Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman, Dethklok bassist Pete Griffin, and The Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen.

Now that’s a supergroup worthy of the name, at least if you are into a certain kind of music. There is a full album in the works, but there is no talk about when it will be coming out. You can watch video of the band in the studio on Instagram, though, if you just can’t wait to see what Giraffe Tongue Orchestra is all about.

Also, in a bit of an odd twist, originally Juliette Lewis was doing the singing for the band, before DuVall joined the supergroup. Yeah, the actress from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and The Other Sister. She does have a music career on the side, though, and some of her vocals will appear on the final album.

Supergroups rarely last very long, so don’t expect more than one release from Giraffe Tongue Orchestra. However, for fans of heavy, sludgy rock music, enjoy it while you can.

(Via Consequence of Sound)