Girlpool Dive Into How Odd It Is To Fake A Performance In The ‘Powerplant’ Video

Contributing Writer

Girlpool are all about doing things as simply as possible, conveying emotions via the simplest methods and being as true to themselves as possible. So the act of faking a moment to make a music video has to feel strange to them. They got around it on their new video for “Powerplant” by going meta, filming the filming and letting us all in on how weird it is to force a performance.

In the video, the band rocks out in the back room of a bowling alley while a director goes around trying to capture moments of joy. The whole thing breaks down toward the end when he stops their performance and asks them to try and recreate what they just did. Instead the rest of the video becomes an awkward and chaotic mess. Check it out up top.

“Powerplant” is the title track off of Girlpool’s upcoming album, which drops this Friday, May 12 via Anti- Records. We’ve already heard “It Gets More Blue” and “123” off of Powerplant, an album that the duo are celebrating by hitting the road with Vagabon, Snail Mail and Lexie. Give those tracks a listen and pre-order the album right here.

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