GloRilla’s Bodyguard Claims He Was Fired Unfairly After A Water-Throwing Incident Last Month

After a tense incident at an Oakland nightclub last month, in which GloRilla had water thrown on her, the rapper’s now-former bodyguard is speaking out, claiming he was unjustly fired.

“So all that extra sh*t, I don’t want to hear none of that sh*t. I got her out of there safe,” the bodyguard said in the video. “She making videos ain’t she? She talking to y’all can’t she? ‘Cause she talked to me. You alive we got out that muthaf*cker. I did my job, it’s complete.”

On the second slide, there is a clip of the altercation. “F*ck you bitch, weak ass b*tch,” the club attendee shouted at GloRilla in the video. Although the footage is blurry, GloRilla’s team seems to be trying to move her out of the venue.

“I’m not finna get to fighting nobody dats paying to come see me that’s security job to make sure mfs under control that’s they get paid to do,” GloRilla tweeted afterwards.

From the comments, at least on this post featuring the bodyguard, most social media users appear to be on his side, noting that if he had fought back, the other party could press charges in a lawsuit. “Security is not allowed to hit anyone because if that person sues him y’all not gonna help!” one person commented.