Cardi B Gave A Rare Surprise Performance At GloRilla’s New York Tour Stop

For all of her extremely online moments and McDonald’s Meal-worthy cultural cachet, Cardi B’s public appearances have been relatively scarce lately. She’s been cloistered away with her family, working on her second album, and trying to keep up with her community service requirements, so it’s understandable she hasn’t had much time to perform.

But, it looks like she’ll make an exception for friends and proteges like GloRilla, whose Anyways, Life’s Great Tour stopped in Cardi’s hometown, New York, last night for a show at Irving Plaza. While Glo was accompanied — as always — by her crew of “ratchet ass friends” including Aleza, Gloss Up, K Carbon, and Slimeroni, the highlight of the evening for Big Apple fans was when Glo played her Billboard-charting anthem “Tomorrow 2” as the song’s guest, Cardi, appeared from backstage to vow to “always get my lick, boo.”

Glo also brought out another hometown favorite, her successor as this year’s apparent rap it-girl, Lola Brooke. You know she performed “Don’t Play With It,” her breakout viral hit. Lola is getting a lot of love lately, so don’t be surprised if she’s in Glo’s position this time next year.

GloRilla’s tour has three remaining dates: tonight in Boston, tomorrow in Philadelphia, and Saturday night in Washington, DC.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. .