Play Around With Music And Color In Google’s Awesome ‘Chrome Music Lab’

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Music education in public schools has been on the decline for years. That’s a problem that Music In Our Schools Month is looking to correct. The music education initiative just got a huge visibility boost in the form of a new series of music games from Google. Chrome Music Labs allows users to make music via a variety of music-making widgets.

There are 12 music games in all, including a drum loop programmer that is animated to look like it’s being played by brightly colored monkeys and an oscillator made of anthropomorphic soundwaves. However, the coolest tool has to be the Kandinsky.

Named after the famous painter who often spoke of colors as having certain musical tones ascribed to them, the tool allows you to make a doodle and then hear it play itself. Notes are based on the shapes of the lines and change depending on the color used to draw them.

On the educational side, there are tools like “Chords.” Clicking anywhere on the piano will show users the proper chord formation for that root note and play out the notes individually. Overall, the Chrome Music Lab is one of the most time-sucking Google creations since the “Zerg Rush” and, unlike that Easter Egg, it might actually teach you something. Check the whole thing out here.

(Via Pitchfork)

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