Green Day’s New Single ‘Still Breathing’ Is Hooky, Hopeful, And Really, Really Good

Green Day, like their brothers in ‘90s pop punk band Blink-182, are still kicking. However, unlikely Blink, the main core trio of the band remains intact as they prepare to release their 12th studio album Revolution Radio. This is their first album since they ambitiously released three new albums in 2012. Today the band unveiled another song off Revolution Radio, “Still Breathing,” by releasing a lyric video.

While it may only be a lyric video, it’s actually a pretty cool looking video. It’s dark and given the appearance of an old, grimy film, but it’s also dynamically animated to keep it engaging even if the primary focus of the video is showing you the lyrics to “Still Breathing.”

As for the song itself, it’s definitely a Green Day song. The band’s sound hasn’t changed too much, although it does feel slightly less snotty and brash as some of their earlier tracks. At a certain point, Green Day mellowed into a band more focused on the emotions of being alive as opposed to, say, masturbation.

If you have any affinity for the Green Day sound, then or now, “Still Breathing” will scratch that itch. There’s something about a punk band that has been around for more than 25 years singing a song with lyrics like “I’m still alive.” The song has a masterful, riff-heavy chorus and the verses confront all kinds of potential trauma, only to emerge on the other side, still making it. In a year like this one, it’s particularly comforting to hear this kind of hope from an old familiar source. Listen and watch above.