Gucci Mane And Young Dolph Party It Up With Vampires In The ‘Bling Blaww Burr’ Video

September’s set to come to a close soon as we roll right into October. With the new month coming there’s great joy and anticipation because it also happens to be Woptober, as so proclaimed by the original trap god himself, Gucci Mane. The ATL rapper’s gradually building out the rollout to the celebratory project by releasing a new video for his collab with Young Dolph titled “Bling Blaww Burr.” Not a lot of guesswork involved with what to expect from the song and the clip for it. It’s Guwop and one of the many descendants of his influence. Both guys adopt a slow cadence to deliver their lines, leaving ample room for them to drop in their patented ad-libs.

Since the video is one of the few clips shot at his mansion, the available props and scenarios were limited. The bulk of it focuses on a dozen dimes, who inexplicably reveal themselves as vampires midway through, doing their best slow, swaying dance moves while Gucci lounges around his expansive pool. He’s draped in gold and rocking a Local Trap God robe as his ankle bracelet monitoring device peeks out at various times throughout. Of course, it’s gone now but the fact that he flaunts the device as if it were an additional piece of jewelry should indicate how many f*cks Mr. Zone 6 gives. Who can blame him really? He’s a free man with a lot of living to catch up on after his state-sponsored vacation.

Check out the tracklist for Woptober, releasing on 10/17, and place a pre-order all right here.