Guess Who’s Going To Be On The New Coldplay Album? Blue Ivy Carter

Looks like Chris Martin and the rest of the Coldplay crew will be making musical history, when their forthcoming seventh studio album, A Head Full Of Dreams, drops. Why? Well, they managed to get Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Carter together on a song. That’s right — the Queen B and Princess B will be featured together on a Coldplay song, oddly enough before she or her husband Jay Z could get mother and daughter on the same track.

The track, titled “Hymn For The Weekend,” came out of Martin’s desire to create his band’s own version of “Turn Down For What.” Speaking with The Wall Street Journal:

“I thought I’d like to have a song called ‘Drinks on Me’ where you sit on the side of a club and buy everyone drinks because you’re so f—ing cool. I presented it to the rest of the band and they said, ‘We love this song, but there’s no way you can sing ‘drinks on me.’ So that changed into ‘drink from me’ and the idea of having an angelic person in your life. Then that turned into asking Beyoncé to sing on it.”

The group is also working with Rihanna’s production team for the album, as well as Noel Gallagher, Tove Lo, and even Martin’s ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow. A Head Full Of Dreams is expected to drop on December 4, but until then you can listen to “Adventure Of A Lifetime,” the lead single from it, below.

(Via Complex)

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