An Imaginary Chat With Kurt Cobain About Making It Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

12.17.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

So, Mr. Cobain, congratulations on Nirvana’s introduction. You must be happy.

cobain don't care

Really, why?

world sucks cobain

That doesn’t have to do with anything.

whatever nvm

Got it. Anyway, Hall and Oates also got inducted this year. Would Nirvana perform with them at the ceremony?

cobain mustache

I didn’t realize you and John Oates were such good friends. So, would you?

cobain fuck no

OK…Anyway, let’s get to what we were talking about. Where were you…?

so happy

Oh, so a friend called you with the news?

not one

Good point. I think Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic would like to hear the happy news.

cobain don't care think

That’s why I tried asking YOUR feelings about making it into the Rock and Roll Hall of…

new complaint

I’m sure you do.

cobain shut up

Did I say something to offend you?

so ugly cobain

That’s not very nice. You’re just messing with me at this point, aren’t you? F*ck this.

cobain awkward

Aw. I can’t stay mad at that face. Congratulations, Kurt.

(Via Rolling Stone. Pic via Getty Images)

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