What Would Guns N’ Roses Have Been Without These Women?

Guns N’ Roses wrote and recorded some of the most iconic rock songs of all-time, but even they couldn’t make it on their own. They needed help, especially in the early days, before Appetite for Destruction sold more than 30 million copies. The third and final edition of our three-part series takes a look at some of the women behind the band, including Barbi Von Greif and Pamela Manning, who helped Gn’R survive by feeding and generally (and genuinely) looking after them.

“They had an energy about them that just made you want to get involved,” one of the women says in the video above, including contributing “live sex sounds” to “Rocket Queen.” These were young, wild, and free days, but Guns N’ Roses still needed the encouragement from their biggest female fans to channel their energy into something great. Mission accomplished.

In case you missed the previous installments: