Guns N’ Roses Are Asking For A Ton Of Money For Those Reunion Shows

Getting a bunch of famous people to share a stage — especially a group that has spent the last several decades straight-hating each other — doesn’t come cheap. Billboard is reporting that the Axl Rose-Slash-Duff McKagan version of Guns N’ Roses is asking up to $3 million per reunion show.

If this massive payday for the remains of the Appetite for Destruction band turns out to be true, fans could expect to pay as much as $275 for premium tickets. The payday for the band to perform its first reunited gig at Coachella is expected to be a lot higher than the reported $3 million, with Alternative Nation reporting that Axl and Co. will receive $14 million for playing Indio. Given Coachella’s two-weekend setup, that’s $7 million per show.

Not much is known about what the band plans to do after Coachella (or even who is going to fill out the fourth and fifth slot), but it appears that the band will tour, making as many as 25 stops after their two-week stint in California.

Of course, given Guns N’ Roses’ tumultuous history, it’s just as likely that they make it halfway through one ‘Chella set before completely imploding. So, this money is entirely hypothetical for the time being. But that’s still quite a payday.

(Via Billboard)